A Typical Day

a typical unschooling superhero

typical unschooling superheroes

Q: Is there such a thing as a typical unschooling day?

A: Not even a little tiny bit.


So instead today you can hear about one of Janine’s typically atypical unschooling days.



Music credit goes to Philly superhero Jake Snyder.

3 comments to A Typical Day

  • Gillian

    I’ve just listened to your podcast it’s brilliant! I just had a real doh! Moment , so I keep saying to myself (or in response to the 20 times a day we get asked “when is he going to nursery” ” what school is he going to ” ” is he excited to start school?) that we will probably be unschooling (or depending who I talk to, I say home educating) as if it’s something in the future , Some mystical time ahead like next sept or whenever folk start school we will suddenly begin to not school. It just this minute occurred to me, listening to your day, that we already do it! But as I see him as too little for conventional school I’ve just been thinking of this as living. How will that change? It won’t! I identified with so much that you were saying and realised that’s our days too – loads of cuddles, following his lead, board games, questions , looking things up, investigating things that come up on Diego or fireman sam, seeing a picture of someone doing yoga on my Facebook and wanting to learn, asking about where our food comes from, asking about life and death, telling me the giant leaves we found in the rain were dinosaur footprint and he “knows all about dinosaurs”. ” saying ” I feel in a making mood let’s go make something ” and endless ” writing” letters to people. He also ALWAYS wants to go out more if it’s raining !
    We are already doing it! This is it! It started when I wasn’t looking .
    And I just realised in a doh! kind of a way. So thought I’d share . My husband obviously already knew this as he once said “everything is great as it is, why would we change that when we are all happy” exactly that!!! Thank you . Gx

  • I LOVE the bit about socialize as a transitive/intransitive verb! I adore Sandra’s specific use of grammar, and using it as a window into how we think. It is delightful because so many of us USE grammer without KNOWING grammar, so to have it parsed can be surprising and enlightening.

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