learning happens even in the tub

learning happens

Unschoolers don’t segment life into categories, don’t follow a prescribed curriculum and don’t see “academic” learning as different or better than all kinds of learning.

People who still have a school mindset worry that this means unschooled children are not learning the “Important Things.”

But today you’ll hear Sandra Dodd, Robin Grille, Peter Gray, Pam Sorooshian offer a different perspective.

And check out the new CD from Pine Grooves (also known as my dear son Jonathan and his dearest pal Andy) – which will be officially unveiled tomorrow night… party woo!


3 comments to Academics

  • Crystal

    THANKS again for posting another wonderful program. With public school starting, this episode was very timely. I am looking forward to hearing more about “unschooling math” in the future!

  • I *almost* skipped this one (at least for now), partly because I thought I already knew about this and it wouldn’t be as interesting to me as some of the later ones I’ve not yet heard. But I thought it was brilliant, especially how Sandra articulates the nature of why school categories are so false. “Look at the world (and connections)instead of at subjects.” Also fascinating about what schools do to math.

  • Chrissy

    Love all of these wonderful podcasts! More Pam Pam Sorooshian please! :)

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