African Americans & Homeschooling

Ama Mazama

Ama Mazama

Ama Mazama, Ph.D., is an African American Studies scholar at Temple University. She has published 14 books, most recently African Americans and Homeschooling: Motivations, Challenges, and Opportunities.

She is also the mother of two home-educated children.

Today we hear why she believes homeschooling to be the best educational option for African American children.

4 comments to African Americans & Homeschooling

  • Chrissy

    Wow. Just Wow.

  • True, there are a lot of problems in public education, but public education has been the primary vehicle for upward mobility in society. Ideally, homeschooling may be the best approach to educating our children. However, homeschooling has its share of problems as well. Besides this option is not available for the majority of parents because of the level of education, finances and/or time. Teachers, policy makers and community activist must continue to press for quality education for all children.
    An African American parent, African American Studies and History major, reading specialist, extra-curricular activities sponsor, community activist, and Doc student in Education.

  • Vid Axel

    I’m the father of an interracial, African-American daughter. I’m a member of a 50% African-American family. I’m also an active participant in our daughter’s unschooling experience.

    I second the “Wow” comment. I welcome, and I deeply appreciate, the inclusion of this informative and provocative podcast episode featuring Ama Mazama, Ph.D. I consider it a valuable addition to this remarkable, podcast series.

  • Maleka Diggs

    Fantastic! As an AA mother with two daughters who homeschool in Philadelphia, it’s wonderful to hear this perspective from others voices within the community.

    This has been a 10 years and counting journey that has opened so many opportunities to connect with my daughters and guide them through their experiences.

    I am the founder of Eclectic Learning Network, dedicated to assisting families in developing methods of ingenuity while supporting interest-driven learning experiences. We are a growing community of diverse families who wish to provide affordable and quality home-education.

    Thank You!

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