Going to College

my unschooled graduate sort of randomly ended up standing next to the mayor

my unschooled graduate Kayla sort of randomly ended up standing next to the mayor

Question: If children don’t go to school or follow a set curriculum for elementary or high school, how can they get into college or earn a college degree?

Answer: Lots of ways!


Here’s where you can find Blake’s book […]

College Alternatives

My son Jonathan's performance collective: Bodyfields

Jonathan and friends making music

Sometimes college is a good idea… and sometimes it isn’t.

Unschoolers are well situated to do other interesting, educational, strategically savvy things, rather than going to college. They have years of experience seeking out good opportunities, being self-motivated resourceful and creative, and finding alternative ways of learning the things […]


When Kayla was an unschooled teen

unschooled teen cuteness

If you’ve never met an unschooled teen – you should really fix that. I think they are some of the very best type of humans on the planet.

Today’s episode covers a couple tips of the iceberg of the enormous wide world of self-directed teens.

Sandra Dodd raised three unschooled teens […]

Sex Ed

Me, Rachel and our lovely  teenage (at the time) daughters

Me, Rachel and our lovely teenage (at the time) daughters

How do unschoolers do “sex education?”

Lainie Liberti “Sexuality is a huge part of our experience as human beings on this planet… there’s no reason to deny or be embarrassed or have shame around it…”

Robyn Coburn “It’s not one conversation that you have…”




How does unschooling affect sibling dynamics?

Daniele says unschooling helps her different children to get the different things that they want and need.

Sandra didn’t want to make a rule against hitting, and encourages parents to help siblings work things out.

Rose and her two sisters fought when they were little and now they’re […]


the childs family at mount rainier

yet again, Kayla says something funny…..

One of the biggest differences between my pre- and post-deschooling days was the amount of laughter I shared with my kids. While my kids were in school, we could easily go several days without laughing together. When we were unschooling, hardly an hour would go by without a […]