Family Bonding

Sandra Dodd and two of her cuddly cubs

Sandra Dodd and two of her cuddly cubs

What do families gain from unschooling that goes beyond providing a natural learning environment?

Today I asked Sandra Dodd about the differences between unschooling and other education alternatives. In her answer she touched on the parent-child bond, the parents’ learning, honoring human instincts, respecting the rhythm of a child’s whole life and making a relationship investment that lasts a lifetime.

In short: Radical unschooling is more than an educational alternative. It is a lifestyle that promotes a child’s wellbeing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the rest of their lives.


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  • Although within the podcast the term “radical unschooling” is used half a dozen times, I wanted to emphasize that radical unschooling is what I lived, what I support, and what I recommend to others who ask me about how my family and the way we homeschooled.

    “Radical Unschooling” is unschooling fully, from the roots, from the principles, extended into all of one’s life and being.

    It has been brought to my attention twice recently (neither very politely) that people who do nothing but forego a curriculum while keeping all their other rules and limitations and separations between parents and children can (and do) call themselves unschoolers.

    That unschooling-only-the-academics unschooling will not present the benefits our family gained. The honor, bonding and respect can be set aside, and some families do that. We did not. Some of the damage school (even alternative school) can do, a homeschooling familiy can do. Even unschoolers. We did not.

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