Gaps and Behind


184959_10150174546692873_3212236_nIf children don’t follow a set curriculum, won’t they have “gaps” in their education and fall “behind?”

Let’s ask some unschoolers what they think.


Colleen has many degrees AND many gaps in her knowledge.

Jessica’s 15 yo son is enrolled in UC Berkeley in spite of his education “gaps.”

Robin is glad her “late blooming” daughter didn’t have to be a late bloomer in school.

Sandra says “the idea that anyone gets through school without gaps is a fallacy.”

Deb says when her son goes to a job interview, nobody asks “How old were you when you first learned to read?”

Susie says “they learn what they need to know – and it may be haphazard – but it will all coalesce in beautiful ways that we can’t necessarily predict.”

3 comments to “Gaps” and “Behind”

  • ann

    This was lovely. We’re only a year into unschooling and hearing this podcast is very reassuring that we are on the right path for our son. Especially as lately family members are commenting about how he is getting “behind” by not reading at age 8. I might just have to ask them to give a listen to this podcast. Thanks.

  • I laughed at the dumb-bell comment. :-) Beautiful. :-)

  • Tracy

    Lovely, my HE’d son (14) and I really enjoyed listening to that. We chatted about a lot of the content. Very insightful and inspiring. HE at it’s best! :-)

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