time for an adventure!

time for an adventure!

What is geography? And how do unschoolers learn about it?

Today we hear from:

Cameron Lovejoy who loves exploring, traveling and having new experiences.

Idzie Desmarais who has friends and readers from all over the world.

Lainie and Miro who have been traveling through South and Central America for five years.

Sandra Dodd who says “Geography has to do with people and places and maps and terrain and weather and politics, which can’t help but be about history and speculation about the future. It’s about business and anthropology and clothes and calendars.”

Tom Chapin who has a whole CD about geography-kinds-of-things.

our annual pilgrimage to an island in Florida

our annual pilgrimage to an island in Florida

3 comments to Geography

  • DOH! Not Zambia, Zanzibar! When I said it that day, I paused inside and thought… what?
    Tanzania was created from Zanzibar and Tanganyika.

    I liked hearing that Cameron had learned the states in alphabetical order! That puts New Mexico right between New Jersey and New York. It puts Alabama snug up against Alaska!

    And maybe I had my African placenames alphabetically, too. Sorry for the error. :-)

  • AMY Thank you for fixing my blunder!! If you want to delete both of these comments that’s fine, but in case they stay, I want to tell other people that Amy let me re-state what I should have said, the right way, and inserted it in the right place and now the Tanganyika story is as good as it should have been in the first place.

    Amy, your editing of these podcasts is WONDERFUL and thanks for redeeming my story. :-)

  • I should’ve said 16th and 17th centuries.
    Still, I would rather speak than read, so then there come some word-stumbles.

    Age of Exploration and Dutch sailing ships…
    The Dutch East India Company was founded in the early 17th century.

    Sorry! Good for people who caught the mistake and know to build their own knowledge with the best they know, and to let other people’s wrong info fall away. :-)

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