Hard Times


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What do unschoolers do when their lives are challenged in unforeseen ways?
Are kids better off in school during times of hardship or crisis?


Today we hear from some families who kept unschooling through hard times.

April’s family dealt with mental health challenges and then the death of a son.

Marietta’s family unschooled in a country where it wasn’t legal.

Katie leaned on her friends and community through her illness.

Jenny’s family faced poverty and then she had two heart attacks.

My thanks go out to these and all families that work together to find ways to grow and learn together through difficult times.  Your courage and good humor is an inspiration to all of us.

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  • Wendy Monette

    These podcasts have been a blessing for me and my unschooled son, who is now 12. Thank you so much to the wisdom and bravery of these families who set an example of the beauty of love and growth for all of us.

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