Is Unschooling Legal?


pillow fight at the capitol

Some people wonder if unschooling is legal. Every country is different, and in the US every state is different.  But the answer is pretty much Yes.

My favorite quote of the day:

“Learning isn’t illegal.”
– Sandra  (Touche.)

Thank you Ann Zeise, Carrie Hetu and Sandra Dodd for contributions to this podcast.

And thanks again to Tom Chapin for a million wonderful songs.

3 comments to Is Unschooling Legal?

  • I bet “school refuser” was the term, from Japan. Years back when I was keeping up with what was going on with a homeschooling family in Japan—the mom was translating some unschoolers’ writings into Japanese—there was a mental disorder known as “school refusal.” Kids who balked at going to school, or hid out, were put into mental hospitals.

    Many years have passed; I hope it’s no longer true.

  • This is so simple and reassuring. When I did the one year of homeschooling with one of my kids, I was surprised how easy compliance was compared to what I’d feared.

  • Holle

    Thanks to all of you for everythng you do!
    Feeling more empowered as our journey begins…

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