yet again, kayla says something funny

yet again, Kayla says something funny…..

One of the biggest differences between my pre- and post-deschooling days was the amount of laughter I shared with my kids. While my kids were in school, we could easily go several days without laughing together. When we were unschooling, hardly an hour would go by without a laugh.

Susie Maguire: “You take life so much less seriously, and there’s space within yourself for laughter to exist.”

Kayla Childs: “The more wellness you have, the more things can be funny.”

Sandra Dodd: “The more you know, the more jokes you get.”

Tom Chapin: In Tennessee they go “hee hee hee!”


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  • Chrissy

    I needed this! Thank you!

  • My quote about “unexpected juxtaposition,” when I said “in that class,” it was about a college class I took called “American Humor,” where the (already-very-old-in-1972) professor never got past the 19th century.

    The “double entendre” comment had been about “dirty songs”—a song that has suggestive, sexual undertones, but on the surface is just about a blacksmith, or a candle maker, or a showmaker…

    The Korean drama I was so engrossed in is described at my blog here: Faith

  • So, so good and fun! Thanks for the entertainment!

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