alice with money Today’s featured guests:

Sandra Dodd – on scrawny vs fat healthy unschooling and how to save on therapy costs.

Rose Sorooshian – on whether buying things for children spoils them.

Renee and XuMei Cabatic – on the details of their family’s finances.

Gillian Goddard – on running a business while unschooling.

Ben Hewitt – on privilege and sacrifice.

Ryan Tennis – on “Livin It Up.”

alices money game          Veronica (an artist, photographer and unschooling mom in Spain) wrote to me about these photos: I asked Alice if I could take some photos of her with her money for you. Then she made a game where she sorted her coins by the year they were made. Then she noticed that the paper money she got from family that came from Brazil looked newer than the money that she got here. Even though the euro that came from Brazil are from 2002 and the euros from here are from 2013.



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