Unschooling as Personal Growth


unschooling as personal growth
One of the hidden benefits to unschooling is that it can help parents learn, heal and grow.

Ben Hewitt (a “high school dropout” and author of many books including Home Grown) is gaining self-confidence and growing his patience.

Katie O’Connor (director of Talking Stick Learning Center) is unlearning old beliefs and expanding her curiosity and joy.

Teresa Graham Brett (a social justice educator) is healing old patterns in order to be the compassionate parent she wants to be.

Jonathan Childs (musician, my son, and Sarah’s nanny) is learning how to be happy and to delight in color and texture.

Sandra Dodd (unschooling writer and speaker) is discovering that unschooling is sort of like, spiritual.

The Honeydew Drops are a husband and wife team making beautiful music together.

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