Peter Gray on Learning

Peter Gray

Peter Gray has conducted and published research in neuroendocrinology, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education

Peter Gray is a developmental psychologist, research professor and author. In his latest book Free to Learn, Mr. Gray writes about how all people are born to be self-directed learners.

It was a real honor to talk with Peter and ask him a few questions for The Unschooling Life podcast. In this episode we hear about self-directed education in general, and about the things he learned by interviewing adults who spent their childhood as self-directed learners.

Mr. Gray’s article about his survey of grown unschoolers can be found on his blog for Psychology Today called Freedom to Learn.


And that’s Bar Scott’s beautiful voice at the end there.


3 comments to Peter Gray on Learning

  • Lisa C

    the vocals at the end made me cry, along with Amy’s final words.

    Thanks for putting together such rich and lovely resources, Amy.

  • Lisa C

    What is the name of that particular song? :)

  • amychilds

    This song is called “His Mother’s Legacy” and it makes me cry too…. especially poignant is that years after recording it, Bar became a mother. Her son Forrest was diagnosed with cancer and died when he was three. A reminder to cherish our little ones every moment that we have them.


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