Saying Yes



the wonderful world of yes

the wonderful world of yes

Today our unschooling friends talk about how saying Yes to your child can foster a rich and joyful environment for learning.

Pam Lariccha on how to say yes intentionally, with learning in mind.

Scott Noelle on finding the “high-quality” Yes.

Sandra Dodd “If there’s no good reason to say No, then say Yes!”

Joyce Fetteroll  “Don’t drop all your parenting rules at once. Just say ‘Yes‘ more.”

Tom Chapin sings about the Wonderful World of Yes.

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  • I liked Janine saying it was nice that her boy got to know the ice cream man. :-)

    When Holly was the last young child at our house, she used to get ice cream, and get extras for Kirby and Marty sometimes when they were older and working, or out with friends. She figured Kirby would want the Ninja Turtle ice cream, so very often she got one for Kirby.

    One day we were at a grocery store outside our own neighborhood. The young adult bagging groceries looked at Holly and she looked at him—their eyes locked and then he pointed at her happily and said “Ninja Turtle!” Though out of context in the moment, he was (in another season) the ice cream man. :-)

    It was a happy moment for all of us.

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