Single Parents

Miro and Lainie

Miro and Lainie

For many people, unschooling as a single parent would be way too hard.

But today we hear from some “solo mums” who are unschooling successfully with lots of joy, learning and partnership.


Katie O’Connor is co-director of the Talking Stick Learning Center.

Danielle Owens is on the board of DrMomma.org and Saving our Sons.

Brie Jontry teaches online classes for the University of Alaska.

Tanya Marinelli runs wellness and empowerment camps for kids.

Lainie Liberti facilitates WorldSchool Retreats for unschooling teens.


[We also hear today from some crickets (in Brie’s recording) and roosters and some kind of exotic Ecuador birds (outside Lainie’s window). The critters have spoken!]

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