unschooled teen cuteness

unschooled teen cuteness

If you’ve never met an unschooled teen – you should really fix that. I think they are some of the very best type of humans on the planet.

Today’s episode covers a couple tips of the iceberg of the enormous wide world of self-directed teens.

Sandra Dodd raised three unschooled teens and has watched many many others grow up.

Rose Sorooshian was once an unschooled teen.

Joel Hammon supports self-directed teens at the Princeton Learning Cooperative.

Nia Steiner left school as a teen thanks to help from NorthStar.

Blake, Molly and Zoe all love Not Back to School Camp.

northstar teens


For a longer version of interviews with Joel and Nia about PLC, NorthStar, and Liberated Learners, click here.






For a longer version of interviews with Blake, Molly and Zoe about Not Back to School Camp click here.


Update for PHILLY TEENS – if you’re interested in a new program for teens starting in January 2015 click here!

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