The Word Unschooling


unschoolingThe word unschooling: where did it come from and where is it going?

Today we hear thoughts about the words unschooling and radical, and as well as some alternate terms for this educational path, from unschooling enthusiasts Ben Hewitt, Rick Rossing, Robyn Coburn, Sandra Dodd and Sue Patterson.


And thanks go out to Jonny for today’s tunes.

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  • Michelle Burbidge

    I laughed at Rick Rossing’s use of “autodidact”. My daughter (4.5) is often asked if she’s excited to start school. She either chooses not to answer, or simply states “We’re home schooling”. In either case, the asker typically redirects to me. Initially, I found this uncomfortable. But after stammering around awkwardly the first few times, I once threw out that she won’t be going to school because she’s autodidactic. I got a few kind words of condolence before they quickly changed the subject. It’s a fairly standard response for me now, and the reaction so far has always been the same!

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