ninas kids dubai

Nina’s family on top of the tallest building in the world

MIro in the Amazon

Miro in the Amazon

The flexibility of a homeschooling lifestyle makes it possible for families to travel and learn all over the place.

Maybe these travelers can inspire us to realize the whole world is our classroom and that wherever we go we can have a learning adventure. And it may be that new horizons are out there just waiting for us to find them.

Today we hear from world-travelers Ama, Alice, Adam, Nina and Lainie.

Adam in Moscow

Adam in Moscow

Alice in Spain

Alice in Spain









And from musical-traveler Tom Chapin:
You and I are passengers riding on a spaceship
Somewhere in a spiral arm of the Milky Way.
Traveling so fast and far
By the sun, our own sweet star
Which rises in the east to light our day.

3 comments to Travel

  • Oh, Amy! I wished you had contacted me for this one! Great job, as always! I love your podcasts!

  • amychilds

    Catherine, I wish I’d known about you! Can you send me an email with contact info (amy@amychilds.com) for a future podcast?
    And feel free to write a longer comment and share some links about your traveling unschooling life!

  • Hi Amy,

    We have been in touch in the fall, but I was just so busy that I told you I was not available. Sandra had put us in touch and I had understood it was for a podcast on unschooling and travel! We live on the road (www.roaditup.com) in an bus. My email is cforest@hotmail.com

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