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For many people, unschooling doesn’t come naturally.

This is because most of us were raised in ways that are in direct opposition to the principles of unschooling. Starting in infancy, we absorb beliefs like “my wants and needs are wrong,” “I don’t know what’s best for me,” and “people cannot be trusted.”

After assimilating these anti-human beliefs throughout their childhood, most adults have become ill-equipped to raise their own children in respectful, rational, peaceful or empowering ways.

Even so, by some stroke of luck, some of us come to grasp the deep flaws in conventional parenting assumptions and practices.  But it’s hard to reject the old ways when we still don’t understand what would be better.

And even just knowing better ways is not enough.  Putting new ways into practice can be a slow and painful struggle. But a lot of courageous people have gone before you!

Online, in book stores and at conferences, there are many excellent resources.  The varied experiences of older, wiser, seasoned unschoolers are usually the best source of encouragement. From them you can get hope, gather ideas and be inspired. It’s hard to emphasize enough the crucial importance of this wide community of people who are changing the world through their evolved ways of being with children.

In addition, I’ve produced a series of podcasts, designed in part to put me out of business. Many questions and concerns are addressed in my 52 episodes, by a huge array of experienced unschoolers—parents, children and other experts. Every posting also provides links to a plethora of related resources available online.

What I offer in personal calls with clients, that might not be available in those venues are:

  • A listening ear. (Sometimes people really need to talk.)
  • A shoulder to cry on. (Sometimes people really need to cry.)
  • Help with other issues. (Sometimes therapists and coaches who don’t understand unschooling offer their clients unhelpful advice. As a happiness consultant I’ve spent over 10 years helping people make life work in ways that are healthy, enlivening and fun.)

Many times, unschoolers get all that they need in the first (free) half hour call.  They just want to run something by someone in person, maybe they need a personalized pep-talk, or a new idea that sets them down the right path.

So if you’re feeling confused, triggered, scared, lonely – or just want to talk to a real live person who has probably been through a lot of the things you’re going through – feel free to email me. We’ll schedule a time to talk, and take it from there.


Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant


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