Who Can Unschool?


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Just about any child will learn and flourish in a truly loving and educationally-conducive environment. So every child has the potential to be a successful unschooler.

The question is, what qualities and skills must a parent have, in order to be able to provide this environment?

Is unschooling for everyone?

Who shouldn’t unschool?

Thanks again to Sandra, Julie¬†and others for your thoughts on today’s topic.

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5 comments to Who Can Unschool?

  • Alex Polikowsky

    This was pretty great. Loving the series.
    Thank you!

  • Julie Daniel

    Adam (who is 9 and has always been unschooled) says he thinks that good unschooling parents see themselves as “co-readers” and not as “the book”. I thought that was a nice analogy.

  • James Daniel

    The Prussian general von Clausewitz said “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”.

    A good rule of thumb for unschoolers is “No (adult’s) plan survives first contact with an unschooled child.” Your plan may happen to survive, but you can’t make it so, especially not by taking precautions in advance. If you want your plan to be guaranteed to survive first contact with your child, then you’ll have to boss them, and then you aren’t unschooling.

    Alternatively, make the plan so vague and flexible that more or less anything is “in the plan”. Be prepared to turn on a sixpence. Practice turning on a sixpence.

  • Your list at the end about the kinds of parents who shouldn’t unschool is so clear, helpful and and realistic. I’m glad for a lot of reasons that my children are way past school age, and it’s humbling to realize how many ways in which I would have been unprepared and ill-suited to unschooling back then.

  • Crystal

    This has been my favorite talk yet. I used to think that “anyone can unschool”! In many ways at this point in our unschooling journey, I take so much for granted: Yes, we will parent cooperatively with our children. Yes, we will have lots of art supplies, books, and musical instruments just laying around. Yes, we will go to lots of cool places. Yes, we will have interesting conversations and question ourselves deaply. Yes, we will seek out new experiences. Yes, we will get chickens. Of course we will star gaze late into the night on a Tuesday. Of course we will shoot off homemade rockets in the front yard.

    After this talk, I see with fresh eyes that the life we are living is so much informed by unschooling that I don’t often think about the little (and sometimes big) choices we are making that make this a reality and if we were not 100% invested in this path, it would be problematic.

    Thanks again for posting this!

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