Why Unschool?

play think learn grow laugh jump learn slide breathe play sleep eat dance

play think learn grow laugh jump learn breathe play sleep eat dance

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What is unschooling? How does it work? Why does it work?

Since all the unschooling parents were busy playing games, doing experiments, climbing volcanoes, doing yoga, going to horseback riding lessons and baking – I talked to people whose children are grown, who work in alternative ed, or who are grown unschoolers themselves.

Today’s clips came from Jan Hunt, Kelly Lovejoy, Jerry Mintz, Idzie DesmaraisCarsie Blanton, Michelle Loucas, Sandra Dodd and Nikiah Childs. Thank you all!

2 comments to Why Unschool?

  • My personal evolution at age 60 has been bringing me more and more in touch with the “flavor” of my curious, empowered, free, innocent little self before she was squashed by parents and school. It’s so painful to really understand what was lost and wrecked, which true awareness of unschooling involves for me. I am happy as a human being, happy to be who I am, and grateful for an amazing trajectory of freedom and change for the past 12 years…but so sad for what never will be possible to re-do. I gotta say too, though, that unimaginable growth can come along later in life.

  • Hi Kara Have just read your post from July 2014. I am 75 years old, and over the past two years have had a good look at my life via a 12 Step program (not the first time). I am a passionate believer in Un-schooling/Homeschooling, and believe that children will be spared a lot of trauma and confusion, by not going to school. I did have a strangely skewed view of my childhood, thought it had been unhappy, but on closer inspection realizing there was a lot of happy times as well. Like you, I am quite happy with who I am now, I no longer regret the past, accept it and learn from it. For me, the best thing about getting older is, that things become much clearer. Birte

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