Working with Young People

Working with unschooling kids, tweens, teens, and young adults

Each unschooling child’s journey is different than any other. And even though unschoolers don’t do “homework,” follow a curriculum or take tests, being an unschooler is not always easy. Allowing our young people to live and explore in the real world sometimes means allowing them to learn about difficult situations and feelings—such as inequality, scarcity, ambivalence, overwhelm, fear, isolation, and lack of confidence and focus. School can buffer young people from many of these issues in their teen years, but unschoolers often face more adult, real-world dilemmas and challenges.

Unschoolers come in all shapes and sizes. One of the things I love so much about working with them is the amazing diversity of their strengths, challenges, passions, and dreams. Through the years I’ve facilitated in-person classes and groups, international conference calls, online discussions and workshops, game nights and gatherings. I also offer tutoring, pep talks, a listening ear, encouragement, brainstorming and mentorship.

Some of the issues I’ve worked on with young people include:

• Finding like-minded companionship and camaraderie
• Sibling harmony
• Improved communication with parents
• Setting goals and strategizing for meeting them
• Coming out as gay, lesbian, transgender or gender-fluid
• Relationships, dating, and the ups and downs of young love
• Daily, weekly, and monthly brainstorming sessions
• Ongoing cheerleading, motivation, and support
• Dealing with college applications, work applications, and prep
• Social anxiety
• Brainstorming money making (and saving) opportunities
• Dreaming and planning for world travel
• Helping with all the issues that come along with transitioning from childhood to adulthood

The most important relationship for an unschooling young person is the one they have with their parents. But for many unschoolers – especially as they reach their teens and 20s – there is a need for outside companionship, input, and feedback. I offer my friendship and perspective to young people as they deal with all the circumstances, big and small, that can arise in an unschooling life.  Contact me about a complimentary consultation today!